The Rise of Obliterarium

The Cataclysm that obliterated the Earth came suddenly. Only a few stubborn species were left, waiting to die. However, these animals didn’t go quietly. They held on… and quickly, they evolved. They grew into roaring societies, borrowing from old cultures. They found scraps of left-over magic and scripts telling of long-dead gods. Now, these aggressive species fight to the death, and dream of conquering the new world. THE EARTH HAS BEEN BORN AGAIN – BUT NOT AS WE KNOW IT…

Magical Miniature Game brings an exciting miniatures opening and a striking range of sculpted minis designed as part of the Obliterarium game world. 

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We make miniatures with love and passion for the hobby, so they can be enjoyed by gamers and collectors everywhere.  
We’ve been working for a long time, sculpting beautiful miniatures that we’ve grouped into 4 races. Each box contains five Legendary miniatures or one absolutely Monstrous miniature – the Demigods! 

Avials are the descendants of the winged rulers of heaven. They’ve become a race of travelers, discoverers, and merchants. They live by mountain peaks and according to their strange rules. Their land is inaccessible to other nations, ruled by the messenger of their God on Earth – the almighty Emperor. 

avials cut logo

 Each Avial works hard for the glory of the race and its God. They defend every last rock in their homelands with their all – their secret is that the rocks preserve the spirit of their ancestors. And so, they believe the mountains themselves are proof of their ultimate, ancient, power.

Amaru, Great Aspid

Mysterious, secretive, and noble warriors, the Kizune live only to serve their Shogun. Even death can’t stop them from this duty. These mythical killers live in a closed community. Preferring not to contact other races unless absolutely necessary. Smart and effective assassins and scouts. The Kizune sell their skills to those who can pay the considerable price… 

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Inari on FoxDragon

Noble and wise creatures, Mintaros use their knowledge to rule the world and obliterate their enemies piece by piece. When diplomacy fails, their huge, hoofed warriors step up to defend their principles and honor. Proud descendants of the mythical Lamassu, they are a race not only of warriors but also as philosophers, poets, and artists. The Mintaros know the other races are fickle, useless and weak. Only the mighty Mintaros are destined to be the rightful rulers of this world…     

Allad, Great Lammasu
Size comparison

The children of the Great Desert are outstanding architects. But their strength lies in their power as warriors and conquerors. Living a life of creation and conquest, the Sphynx diligently prepare for their glorious afterlife. They must live in glory and heroic deeds if they are to be assured a place amongst their god-kings. The Sphynx stand solid like their huge buildings, they seek to rid the world of all evil. When they are tested by the sick corruption of other races, they know the Great Sphinx will come to them and revel in glorious victory. 

sphynx cut logo
Numn, Great Sphynx
Scale comparison. Final miniature sizes may slightly vary.

Thanks to the funded Kickstarter project the following miniatures for all four clans were also released!

All of these miniatures you can find and order here